This site was originally created as a simple blog with my fellow University of Louisville students, alumni, and Cardinal sports fans in mind.  However, over time I began to realize that most of my personal, professional and chairitable efforts would all be better served if I were more accesible through a "networking" hub, hence the name (MaybinNetwork).



I hope your visit to this site will be the first of many as it is expanding daily.  I also encourage you to correspond via comment section or email as often as you would like. 




3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello marques.i have been trying to contact u in any way since u left lebanon! On fb or anything but couldnt find u! I finally found this page to contact u.its hard for u to remember me.plz send me an email.waiting for it.thank u.my regards.araz

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"Find your way; or make a new one"